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With one simple blunder, you dropped your precious iPhone. Its beautiful, glass retina-display shattered into an unreadable screen that pains you every time you look at it. Now you have to get it fixed, but where?

Navigating the world of phone and electronic repair can be a daunting and stress-inducing task. The stress of tech repair isn’t limited to the mere act of finding a   suitable location to fix your device, but extends to the financial blow that accompanies these unfortunate moments.
Cell Phone Lab, Lynnwood WA
However, if you’re located in the Lynnwood area, you’re in luck. A quiet shop tucked away in the Lynnwood Creative Workspace building, Cell Phone Lab is an incredibly professional and immaculately run electronic repair lab that can address nearly all of your device concerns.
Upon entering Cell Phone Lab, you encounter what looks like a professional robotics laboratory. Numerous machines, tools and parts are neatly organized throughout the space, ready to solve any problem under the capable hands of Junar Castillo. Cell Phone Lab presents a streamlined and cost-effective avenue for individuals seeking repair services for their cell phones, iPads, laptops, and other devices.
Junar Castillo, Owner of Cell Phone Lab
While the inception of Cell Phone Lab was five years ago, Junar’s expertise in the field of cell phone repair spans an impressive two decades. This long-lived dedication to cell phone and device repair can only be explained by the passion that is deeply rooted in Junar’s professional journey. Junar explains that he has always derived sheer enjoyment from simply fixing things, especially iPhones. To Junar, every malfunctioning phone, laptop, or tablet is simply a problem solving challenge. The pleasure he finds in phone repair fuels Junar’s commitment to letting his talent and knowledge bring his customers an efficient, effective, and affordable experience.
PictureBefore and after Apple Watch screen repair

Junar’s ability extends to a broad spectrum of technological issues. Screen repair usually takes under an hour to complete, and only slightly longer for other types of damage. Cell Phone lab is one of the only locations in
the Lynnwood area to provide micro soldering services, a specialized skill  that   enables the completion of intricate repairs on sight, including water damage and other hardware repairs. As a comprehensive electronic services provider, Cell Phone Lab also offers a selection of refurbished laptops, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and other devices at a reduced cost. Additionally, Cell Phone Lab offers a few items to keep your device safe in the future, like phone cases and screen protectors.
Cell Phone Lab is committed to making electronic repair stress-free, affordable, and efficient. Whether you’re seeking a speedy screen replacement or a resolution for more complex damage, Junar’s expertise and services are the local-go-to. Book an appointment today by simply messaging (425) 499-1476, or learn more at
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Founded in 2013, Sleepy Mountain is home to jewelry and accessories of bold botanical shapes and clever cinematic references. While earrings are the primary product of Sleepy Mountain, creator Thaís Marchese crafts an impressive variety of jewelry, ceramics, enamel pins, and other accessories
Sleepy Mountain owners Thaís and Chris
Once on her way to becoming a dental assistant, making earrings was originally just a hobby for Thaís. Inspired by her former workplace, she created teeth-shaped earrings, which turned out to be overwhelmingly popular. She soon found success in designing and selling jewelry and accessories full-time. While always a supporter, husband and photographer Chris Pinto officially joined Thaís at Sleepy Mountain little over a year ago, eager to contribute to the creation of innovative designs.
Originally from Florida and Connecticut, Thaís and Chris were drawn to the dramatic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Thais finds much of her inspiration in the dense and

pigmented Washington forests. Bright and vibrant hues can be found in all of her designs, but these elements are particularly showcased in her newest earrings from the “Blossom Collection”, which boasts a maximalist array of acrylic tulips, oranges, lemons, and strawberries.
Outside of the Blossom Collection, Sleepy Mountain has numerous variations of their iconic retro daisy shape, available in a myriad of colors and configurations. If flowers aren’t your thing, that’s all good. Sleepy Mountain has a little bit of everything, including monstera leaves, alligators, storm clouds, and lightning bolts.

But the eccentric designs of Sleepy Mountain aren’t just limited to botanicals and nature. Thaís also spends much of her time as a film-aficionado, drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson films, particularly in terms of their symmetry and color. Beyond Wes Anderson, Sleepy Mountain has something for all pop-culture enjoyers, from Kurt Vonnegut pins and Twin Peaks earrings, to oat milk charm necklaces.
Red tulip dangle earring by Sleepy Mountain
“This is An Adventure” enamel pin by Sleepy Mountain
Perhaps the positive energy that emanates through every Sleepy Mountain design is due to the passion and gratitude that takes place behind their creation:
“We love what we do”, says Thaís , “As a family”. Thaís and Chris are incredibly thankful that they are able to work together in their cozy studio along with their corgi, Ziggy.
While Sleepy Mountain has its full inventory for purchase online, these simultaneously daring and adorable designs are also carried in nearly forty stores across twenty-two states. Check out Thaís and Chris’ work at sleepymountain.com or follow them on Instagram @sleepymountain.
<![CDATA[First Annual Business Fair]]>Fri, 20 Jul 2018 17:25:01 GMThttp://lynnwood.creative-workspace.com/blog/first-annual-business-fair
Join us at Creative Workspace Lynnwood for our First Annual Business Fair. It is an opportunity to network and share your business with others in the community.

For more details and to RSVP please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1499336323505026/
<![CDATA[Grand Re-Opening of Creative Workspace]]>Thu, 25 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://lynnwood.creative-workspace.com/blog/grand-re-opening-of-creative-workspacePicture
On Wednesday, January 24th we celebrated the grand reopening of our building as "Creative Workspace". Linda Jones of the Lynnwood Chamber officiated the event and welcomed us as a member of the chamber.  A big thank you to Linda and all of the chamber members, business partners and tenants who attended the event.

The building was originally developed by Davis & Silesky, who also developed the Creative Workspace building in Renton in 2006, and so it opened in 2008 under the Creative Workspace name.  After an ownership transition in 2013 Dunn Lumber took over the management of the building and the name was changed to Meadowdale Work Lofts. However, the building recently came under the same management as the Renton building and so it returned to the Creative Workspace name.